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How to prevent and control blossom-end rot

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Brown spots on the leaves are tell-tale signs of blossom-end rot, a tedious problem for many tomato growers. As the condition quickly spreads to the stem of the plant and the fruit itself, it is essential to take swift action. If left untreated, your fruit won’t be suitable for consumption and will need to be removed. In this article, we will share tips on how to prevent and control blossom-end rot.  

What is blossom-end rot?

Blossom-end rot is not a fungal condition. It is not caused by viruses or bacteria, nor is it contagious to other tomato plants. Blossom-end rot can occur under various conditions in which the plant cannot obtain sufficient amounts of water and/or suffers from a calcium shortage. Lack of water will lead to damaged fruits, as these contain the moisture the plant requires.

 Causes and solutions

  • Insufficient access to water will lead a plant to draw on its fruits. Use rainwater to wet the plants. However, make sure you don’t overwater them, as this will weaken their roots. Also, prevent water from vaporising too quickly in warm weather conditions. For instance, use a screen to block the sun on the south side of the plantation. 
  • Poorly developed root systems will keep the plant from taking up proper amounts of water and nutrients. Therefore, it pays off to encourage root growth by aerating the soil, or by applying this root stimulator. Make sure you don’t provide too much! 
  • Low calcium levels in the soil will weaken the fruit’s cell walls. Consequently, these will relinquish the water to the plant more easily, resulting in brown spots (dead cells). Add lime to combat calcium deficiencies. 
  • A plant’s surplus of salt will necessitate more moisture. BAC Final Solution can help you tackle the surplus. 
  • Ensure proper pH-values of the soil. If your soil is too acidic, use BAC pH- to lower the acidity. To increase the pH-value, apply BAC pH+. Also, lime can be used to maintain stable pH-values. 

More information

Would you like to learn more about blossom-end rot? Then feel free to contact us at any time, as we love sharing expert advice. Incidentally, many of the products mentioned above have been provided with the Vegan Trademark. Read more about this trademark in our blog article.

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