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What you need to know about the brix value

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The brix value is of great importance in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. It is an indicator of the taste and quality of the end products and the health of your crop. In this article, we explain what the brix value means, what a good brix value is, and what instruments you can use to measure it.

What is the brix value?

The brix value gives an indication of the sugar content of an aqueous solution. The brix value is expressed in degrees. One brix degree is 1 gram of sugar in 1 decilitre of fluid (100 grams). The higher the brix value, the sweeter and tastier the end products of your crop. It is therefore important to measure this regularly. In addition, you can analyse the development of your crop based on the brix value. That makes it easier to determine the right time to harvest and you can see whether your plant is deficient in nutrients more quickly.

What is a good brix value?

The ideal brix value varies from one crop to another. For many plants, a brix value of 10 or lower indicates a lack of nutrients. A brix value of 12 or higher usually indicates that the plant is healthy and will therefore produce good end products. But some plants require a brix value of 18 or higher. What’s more, a high brix value also contributes to the shelf life of the end products. Fruit and vegetables have a longer shelf life if they contain more sugar.

This is how you measure the brix value. You can measure the brix value with a refractometer, amongst others. You use it to measure the refractive index and you can see how much sugar your liquid contains based on that. The refractive index is the relationship between the speed of light as it passes through a vacuum versus the liquid. The refractometer can tell how much sugar is in the liquid based on the reflection of the light beam. There are now digital refractometers that display the brix value immediately. You can also calculate the brix value with a gravimeter. You use it to measure the density of the liquid.

Our advice regarding a good brix value

At BAC, we supply plant feeds that can contribute to a higher brix value. You can use the Organic PK Booster, for example. We recommend that you contact us for personalised advice. Our employees will inform you what is beneficial for your crops and which products can increase the brix value.

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